The new Rambler 30-Watt, Rechargeable Lithium-Battery-Powered Guitar Amp is all you need to play anywhere. Plug your pedals into the PowerPort on the side to share your sound wherever you go. 
Free yourself from the wall plug.




Hi, I am Scott Strange.

I have spent the last decade on the road hitch-hiking, driving, sailing, flying, and walking to all kinds of amazing places with my dog and my guitar. As I went along I found I needed an amp that I could play anywhere. I tried the few options that were available, from the 9-volt battery powered 1/2 Watt pocket amps to the anvil-heavy and tonally underwhelming Traynor battery amps. Luckily, I made friends with an electronics genius, and around 5 years ago, I started pestering him to help me come up with something better.

His initial solution checked some of the boxes for me: Sounded great and was loud. Unfortunately, he was running it with two cordless-drill batteries, which made it impractical for travelling, as I wanted the charging to be simple. Plug it and forget it kinda stuff. I ended up using that design but with only one battery, at the cost of volume and clarity, but it worked.

I dragged that thing through the mud, literally; Camping in remote spots, hitch-hiking thru Mexico, you name it. I would keep in touch with him and brainstorm ideas over the years. Meanwhile a lot of fellow travelling musician friends were asking me if I could make them a similar amp.

Then one day we found a chip that could get the volume and tone I was seeking using only one 12 Volt battery! EUREKA! Or so I thought… as it turns out, the chip has been discontinued, so I could only get my hands on two or three of them, which was great news for me, bad news for my friends who also wanted an amp.

I knew I couldn’t give up my mission. And my goals for this amp became clearer.  I decided I couldn’t compromise on several key factors.


The ideal travelling amp needed:

-To be LIGHT and easy to carry.

-To be LOUD enough to play guitar AND vocals through and keep up with a moderately loud drummer

-To have amazing TONE, on par with all the classic tube amps

-To have GREAT BATTERY LIFE, so I could forget to charge it for several days and still be able to go play a show.

-To have an output jack to supply 9 VOLTS to POWER MY PEDALS

-To be simple and EASY TO USE

Then, in spring of 2019 while touring in Mexico I finally found the answer.  Pre-made amplifier boards that can produce true 30 Watts RMS, readily available in large quantities with high quality construction. All I had to do was design and make the pre-amp section and these things sounded great, and LOUD!

Next I found a great little suitcase that was the perfect dimensions for the amp, and I built another prototype.

As luck would have it, on my flight back to Canada, I sat next to a man who was very interested in my little project, and to my surprise he offered to fund the first run of these amplifiers and help me get this idea out of my head and into the hands of the musicians who need it.

I thought hard about it for a month after that, weighing whether to put my ramblin’ life on hold long enough to start a real business, and finally, I decided to start production.

Since then, I have very fortunately found several awesome suppliers, including Warehouse Guitar Speakers, to provide me with only the best quality parts to build these amps.  To me, the details are important, and I want these amps to be something I am proud to present to the world.

The first run of 50 is underway, and if the response from folks is good, I would like to continue making these, as well as a handful of other products designed to make your life as a musician easier and sound better.

-Scott Strange

P.S. Oh, and why TEMPLO? Temple is the name of my dog, and when we are in Mexico, his name is TEMPLO or TEMPLITO. He has been the best companion one could ask for. So I honor him by using his name for this company. If you meet him, be sure to scratch his belly.



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