Ok folks, the time has almost come to release these beauties into the wild.

The circuits have been optimised, the speakers have been made, and the batteries have been charged. I am only waiting on a few more parts to come in, namely the metal chassis. I thank you for your patience and appreciate all the support that has come from the music community!

However, due to the current situation in the world, my speaker manufacturer is only able to provide me with 25 custom speakers for the next month, so I will be breaking up the original run into three tiers:

The first being the early bird round. These amps are the very first of these kind to exist and are numbered.

They have Warehouse Guitar G10C/S  (10 inch speakers with ceramic magnet, smooth cone)

If everything goes according to plan they should begin shipping around mid July.

Shipping takes about 10 business days to North America. If there are delays you will be informed via Email.

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The Second Tier of NOMAD amps will be released once I receive the second round of 25 G10C/S speakers. They will likely ship early August.

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The Third Tier will have 50 available, however, these amps are using a different speaker. I have had custom speakers made by Jensen's factory in Italy. They are Jensen Black Jet Tornado's


These speakers use a neodymium magnet and therefore are significantly lighter than the ceramic.

 They sound equally as amazing as the G10C/S and I am very proud to use them in my amps. 

They will arrive sometime in August and I will be able to build those remaining amps and hopefully ship in September, if I can keep up with demand.


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