RAMBLER 30-Watt Battery Amp

RAMBLER 30-Watt Battery Amp

$258 USD

The Whole Reason We’re Here:

  • The Rambler Amp is designed to be your everyday, everywhere amp.
  • Busk with it, Gig with it, Travel with it, Record with it, Sleep with it.



  • 30Watts RMS
  • 8″ Ceramic Guitar speaker (Warehouse Guitars G8C)
  • 9v 2A Outlet for powering pedals from the amp’s battery
  • Included: 7′ cable to connect 9v power to pedal or daisy chain
  • PureTone input jack (has an extra tab on either side for more solidity in the connection)
  • 12 Volt 10AmpHour Rechargeable Lithium Battery with overload and reverse polarity protection.
  • Included: 3Amp Fast-Charger to fully charge the amp in 3-4 hours instead of the standard 10hours. Indicator lights RED:Charging GREEN: Fully Charged
  • Mosfet preamp similar to Zvex Super Hard On, with a very high input impedance to allow your pickups to shine through.
  • Aluminum volume knob, also used as on/off switch
  • NOS military jewel light cover

  • Removable Back panel for tone shaping and battery access

  • Durable Black Nickel and Enamel Logo

  • Amp Body Made of High-Quality Baltic Birch
  • Dimensions

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    Weight 4.1 kg
    Dimensions 7 × 11 × 14 in
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