Triple Modulation Pedal

Triple Modulation Pedal

Only 4 of these ever made. One for my own board, and three more for sale.



Reverb : Digital Belton style reverb with decay, dwell and mix controls as well as a switch to remove some brightness from the reverb signal.


Vibrato: The same circuit as in my Model 33 vibrato pedal, controls are Depth, Speed and a knob to blend in dry signal to create a phaser effect.


Tremolo: Optical tremolo based on a classic circuit. Controls are:

Depth, speed, wave symmetry, wave shape and ramp

(quick on, slow off/ even off and on/ slow on, quick off)

Extremely versatile, can go from old-school smooth to choppy and weird and everything in between


All three are true bypass, using high quality Gorva footswitches, top mounted jacks. Runs on 9VDC center negative (standard pedal power)

Numbered and signed.


Pick up a unique piece for your pedalboard and have all your modulation in one spot!