NOMAD 50-Watt Battery Amp


The new NOMAD 50-Watt, Rechargeable Lithium-Battery-Powered Guitar Amp is all you need to play anywhere, and more:

• 10" Boutique speaker.

• Tube amp style guitar response. 

• XLR input w/ volume control,

• Reverb for your voice, guitar, or both.

• 9v output with included cable to power your pedals.

• 10AmpHour Lithium-Ion battery to play all day.

Now open for presale.

RAMBLER 30-Watt Battery Amp

The Original Rambler 30-Watt, Rechargeable Lithium-Battery-Powered Guitar Amp is all you need to play anywhere.

Plug your pedals into the PowerPort on the side to share your sound wherever you go. Free yourself from the wall plug.

SPLICE Mic Mixer Pedal

A multi-tool for your pedalboard!

•Mix a mic or instrument with your guitar signal.

•Use it as a clean MOSFET boost pedal for your guitar.

•Use the three-band EQ for the mic side, or for your guitar.

•Mix two instruments together.

•Sing and play through a single input amp.

•Run your voice and guitar through your effects pedals... 

and many more uses!




Hi, I'm Scott Strange.

I have spent the last decade on the road hitch-hiking, driving, sailing, flying, and walking to all kinds of amazing places with my dog and my guitar. As I went along I found I needed an amp that I could play anywhere. I tried everything that was available, from 9-volt battery powered 1/2 Watt pocket amps to anvil-heavy and tonally underwhelming battery amps.  They all sucked. Luckily, I made friends with an electronics genius, and around 5 years ago, I started pestering him to help me come up with something better, and developed my mission statement.

The ideal travelling amp needed:

• To be LIGHT and easy to carry.

To be LOUD enough to play guitar AND vocals through and keep up with a               moderately loud drummer

• To have amazing TONE, on par with all the classic tube amps

To have GREAT BATTERY LIFE, so you could forget to charge it for several days         and still be able to go play a show.

To have an output jack to supply 9 VOLTS to POWER YOUR PEDALS

To be simple and EASY TO USE

And so, with those rules in mind, I developed what are now the Rambler and NOMAD amps. My mission is to continue making them, as well as a handful of other products designed to make your life as a musician easier and sound better.


-Scott Strange



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